A Filthy Christmas (Filthy Line #6) - Jaxson Kidman



I walked off the stage and when I got to my guitar case, I noticed a pair of hot pink panties waiting for me.

I looked around and spotted a woman eyeing me up and down.

She was in a black shirt and a low-cut top.

I held my guitar with one hand and pointed to the pink panties with the other.

The woman pulled at her shirt, showing off her bare shoulder and a hot pink bra strap.

Meaning the panties were hers.

Meaning I had done my job well enough as a guitar player that she wanted to have a private show.

I nodded to her. A sign of appreciation of her attention.

She motioned for a drink and I nodded again.

The goal was to get her to walk away for good.

Which she finally did.

I lifted my guitar case and shook the panties out to the floor.

As tempting as it was, I already had someone waiting at home for me.

We lived in a shitty, third floor apartment, but it was ours.

And it was time to upgrade… everything.

I crouched down and put my guitar in the case.

I locked it shut and stood up, carrying the guitar case, making a line for the back door.

Outside, I paused and reached into my pocket.

I took out the engagement ring and studied it.

The fucking thing cost me more than I ever thought I’d pay for a ring.

But six months ago - for fun - Stacy wanted to look at diamond rings. She wanted to have fun one night and pretend we were rich and famous. She knew I was on my way. Maybe I wasn’t in a band, but I could out play anyone on guitar. And my phone was always ringing for a gig or some studio work.

I saved up the cash and went back and bought the ring.

Tonight, I was going to ask her to marry me.

I told her my show was going until two in the morning because I wanted to catch her completely off guard.

I wanted to catch her in one of my t-shirts with her hair messy. I wanted to catch her drinking wine and eating ice cream. I wanted to catch her yelling at the TV over some dumb reality show. I wanted to catch her crying over a chick flick.

That’s how I dreamed of proposing to Stacy.

Just walking into the apartment and having her being surprised I was home early. Then I’d just drop to one knee and boom…

It was busy in my head on the ride home.

I clutched the ring tight in my hand.

Tonight, my life was going to change.

I opened the apartment door and looked at the couch.

Stacy wasn’t there.

The TV wasn’t on either.

“Shit,” I whispered.

I wondered if she went out.

That meant I would be home waiting for her.

Even still…

I put my guitar case down and shut the door.

I kept the ring in my hand, just in case.

I opened my mouth to call out her name when I heard her giggle.

A smile climbed across my face.

She was in bed.

Probably watching a rom com, having a drink.

That was even better.

I’d jump up on the bed and then-

I heard a moaning sound.

It was Stacy’s voice.

Moaning… groaning…

My mind raced even faster.

Now I was picturing her pleasuring herself. Thinking I wasn’t home. Getting into bed. Watching some adult stuff…

I hurried across the apartment.

The bedroom door was slightly open.

I stood and listened.

It was her. Breathing. Groaning.

The bed…

I heard the bed making noise too.

I put my hand to the door and pushed it open.

I heard a grunting sound as I flicked on the lights.

There was Stacy, riding some guy’s dick reverse cowgirl style.

She looked at me and stopped.

The guy grabbed her ass and moved her. “I’m not done yet, girl.”

I laughed.

The guy looked at me.

“Oh, fuck,” he said.

I opened my hand and looked at the engagement ring.

I closed my hand again.

I looked at the guy. “Hey, bro. Take your thumb and rub it you know where when she’s like that. It makes her buck her hips faster. You’ll come in no time.”

“Shane!” Stacy yelled.

I shut the bedroom door, walked to grab my guitar case, and I left the apartment.

New plan?

Find the woman who left me the pink panties.

I went back to the club and found the woman who left the pink panties.

We went back to her place after a few drinks and I fucked her until the sun came up.

She made me coffee and something to eat.

Then she told me to leave.

I grabbed my guitar case again and walked out.

A free man.


And in dire need of a shower to

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