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wash the night away for good.


The first time I saw Blaze on stage, I fell in love.

We were teenagers and that was it for me.

It also didn’t hurt that I was a great singer and knew how to work my way closer to him.

We were attached at the hip - then other places.

It seemed crazy to think two musicians would find each other the way we did and stick it out.

His first band broke up and I kept Blaze sane. I sang to him at night. I made him put the bottle down when he started to go too far. We sang at little clubs and cafes just for fun.

Then he decided to start a new band.

He wanted to be a rock star lead singer.

I stayed by his side.

How could I not?

I loved him.

He looked really hot up on stage.

And when the show was over, and women threw themselves at him, he always reached for my hand.

Everyone thought I was his prized groupie.

I was just the girl he was going to marry.

Blaze asked me to marry him on stage in front of about twelve hundred people.

He stopped in the middle of a song and told the crowd he had something on his mind. People cheered, booed, everything. They wanted to hear the band. They wanted to know what was bothering Blaze.

He talked about love.

Then he told me to come up on stage.

The crowd parted and I walked to the stage.

Two bouncers helped me up onto the stage and I stood next to him, a little drunk, mostly smiling.

Blaze then told his band to play a sweet song.

They played the band’s ballad - When I Love You - and the crowd got into it.

Next thing I knew he was on one knee, holding my hand, sliding a diamond ring on my finger.

The crowd cheered.

The thing was… I never gave him an answer.

But trust me - it was always a big YES!

It was after the band’s biggest show to date.

They were the opening band but stole the show for sure.

I sat on a leather couch that smelled suspect, with a topless woman grinding on me.

She was beautiful, high as a kite, and kept trying to get me to take a pill by putting it on her tongue and kissing me.

I had no desire to kiss another woman or take a pill.

She kept swallowing the pills, which started to worry me.

The lights were dimmed in the room.

Blaze locked the door and stood in the middle of the room, watching.

His eyes were all over the woman. The only time he looked at me was to make gestures with his fingers… suggesting I touch the woman.

My hands were at my sides.

The woman grabbed my hands and put them to her breasts.

I pulled them away.

She turned around and kept moving against me.

Rubbing between my legs like I had a dick.

She leaned forward and motioned for Blaze to come toward her.

As he did, he opened his jeans.

I sucked in a breath and shook my head.

“I’m a rock star now,” Blaze said. “You’re my fiancée. She’s my whore. There’s a difference.”

Blaze winked and pulled his dick out for the woman to savor.

She went right to town in front of me.

I snuck away from the couch and ran out of the room.

Blaze didn’t call my name. Or follow me.

I got a ride back to our apartment and slept.

In the morning, Blaze was in the kitchen, making breakfast like nothing happened.

He poured me coffee and kissed my forehead.

“Do you remember last night?” I whispered.

“Of course I do,” he said.

“I don’t… no…”

“It’s the life, Lita,” he said. “We’re playing shows. On the road. What do you think is going to happen?”

“Has it happened before?”

Blaze didn’t answer.

I put my coffee down and backed away from the counter. “Are you kidding me?”


“So if I went out on tour and let other guys fuck me, that’s okay?”


“Oh, so they could go down on me?”

“No,” Blaze growled.

“Why not?”

“Because you’re a woman,” Blaze said. “It’s different.”

“Different? How?”

“Some whore slobbering on my cock is simple,” Blaze said. “She sucks. I come. I wipe my dick off. With you? It’s someone going inside you. That’s different. You can’t just wipe that out and walk away.”

I slid the ring off my finger and left it next to my coffee.

“Oh, fuck this,” Blaze said. “Are you stupid?”

“No,” I said.

“I’m a rock star. I’m going to fuck anything I want. As long as I come home to you and make you breakfast, what does it matter?”

I grabbed my coffee cup and

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