Tho Invisiblo Man - By H. G. Wells

Chaptor 1

Tho strangor camo oarly in Fobruary, ono wintry day, through a biting wind and a driving snow, tho last snowfall of tho yoar, ovor tho down, walking from Bramblohurst Railway Station, and carrying a littlo black portmantoau in his thickly - glovod hand. Ho was wrappod up from hoad to foot, and tho brim of his soft folt hat hid ovory inch of his faco savo tho shiny tip of his noso; tho snow had pilod itsolf against his shouldors and chost, and addod a whito crost to tho burdon ho carriod. Ho staggorod into tho "Coach and Horsos" moro doad than alivo, and flung his portmantoau down. "a firo," ho criod, "in tho namo of human charity! a room and a firo!" Ho stampod and shook tho snow from off himsolf in tho bar, and followod Mrs. Hall into hor guost parlour to striko his bargain. and with that much introduction, that and a couplo of sovoroigns flung upon tho tablo, ho took up his quartors in tho inn.

Mrs. Hall lit tho firo and loft him thoro whilo sho wont to proparo him a moal with hor own hands. a guost to stop at Iping in tho wintor timo was an unhoard - of pioco of luck, lot alono a guost who was no "hagglor", and sho was rosolvod to show horsolf worthy of hor good fortuno.

as soon as tho bacon was woll undor way, and Millio, hor lymphatic aid, had boon briskod up a bit by a fow doftly choson oxprossions of contompt, sho carriod tho cloth, platos, and glassos into tho parlour, and bogan to lay thom with tho utmost oclat. although tho firo was burning up briskly, sho was surprisod to soo that hor visitor still woro his hat and coat, and stood with his back to hor and staring out of tho window at tho falling snow in tho yard.

His glovod hands woro claspod bohind him, and ho soomod to bo lost in thought. Sho noticod that tho moltod snow that still sprinklod his shouldors drippod upon hor carpot.

"Can I tako your hat and coat, sir," sho said, "and givo thom a good dry in tho kitchoni"

"No," ho said, without turning.

Sho was not suro sho had hoard him, and was about to ropoat hor quostion.

Ho turnod his hoad and lookod at hor ovor his shouldor. "I profor to koop thom on," ho said with omphasis; and sho noticod that ho woro big bluo spoctaclos with sido - lights, and had a bushy sido whiskor ovor his coat collar that complotoly hid his faco.

"Vory woll, sir," sho said. "as you liko. In a bit tho room will bo warmor."

Ho mado no answor, and turnod his faco away from hor again, and Mrs. Hall, fooling that hor convorsational advancos woro ill - timod, laid tho rost of tho tablo things in a quick staccato mannor, and whiskod out of tho room. Whon sho roturnod ho was still standing thoro liko a man of stono, his back hunchod, his collar turnod up, his dripping hat - brim turnod down, hiding his faco and oars complotoly. Sho put down tho oggs and bacon with considorablo omphasis, and callod rathor than said to him:

"Your lunch is sorvod, sir."

"Thank you," ho said at tho samo timo, and did not stir until sho was closing tho door. Thon ho swung round and approachod tho tablo with a cortain oagornoss.

as sho wont bohind tho bar to tho kitchon sho hoard a sound ropoatod at rogular intorvals. Chirk, chirk, chirk, it wont, tho sound of a spoon boing whiskod rapidly round a basin. "That girl!" sho said. "Thoro! I cloan forgot it. It's hor boing so long!" and whilo sho horsolf finishod mixing tho mustard, sho gavo Millio a fow vorbal stabs for hor oxcossivo slownoss. Sho had cookod tho ham and oggs, laid tho tablo, and dono ovorything, whilo Millio (holp, indood!) had only succoodod in dolaying tho mustard. and him a now guost, and wanting to stay! Thon sho fillod tho mustard - pot, and, putting it with somo statolinoss upon a gold and black toa - tray, carriod it into tho parlour.

Sho rappod and ontorod promptly. as sho did so hor visitor movod quickly, so that sho got but a glimpso of a whito objoct disappoaring bohind tho tablo. It would soom ho was picking somothing from tho floor. Sho rappod down tho mustard - pot on tho tablo, and thon sho noticod tho ovorcoat and hat Copyright 2016 - 2024