Secrets Worth Keeping (Finding my Home #2)- Nikita Parmenter

Chapter One


“Ever’s been a while in the bathroom” Luc says his tone concerned as his gaze drifts to the back of the seating area where the hallway to the bathroom is.

“She was really freaked out when you bought up that we needed to talk about Jensen and you kissing her in front of everybody” Rafe signs.

I sigh heavily and scrub my hand through my hair.

“I know she was but this has been going on for a while now, we really do need to talk to her about it” I reply wearily. The last thing I want to do is scare her off especially since we just got her back. These last couple of weeks, even with all the shit stuff at school with Selena and that fucking stalker, have been the best of my life and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that feels this way about it. I haven’t ever seen my brothers this happy or settled. She’s good for us.

Jensen is still staring towards the bathrooms worriedly and I know he won’t relax until he knows for certain that she’s ok and that’s not something I can help him with. The only person that can reassure him is Ever herself. I glance around the now crowded diner in a bid to try a distract myself until she comes back. It seems that everyone’s had the same idea as us and now the dance has ended most of the kids from school have turned up here. We’re all getting more attention than usual but the looks people are sending our way are at least respectful if not incredibly curious. I probably should’ve thought it through better and not kissed her in front of everyone but I had to reassure her and I’m completely unashamed of her and what we have with her. I just hope that she feels the same. We have been quite careful in making sure that none of us out right kiss Ever in front of everyone at school after Jensen did it the first time. The only exception being when I asked her to the dance and if I’m honest that was sort of unplanned, I had no idea she would react like that and as soon as her lips landed on mine, I was gone. It was probably better that I kissed her again instead of one of the other guys otherwise the rumours really would’ve gone crazy.

“I’m going to check on her” Jensen says, finally having had enough of trying to be patient. We all watch him walk briskly towards the back corridor ignoring the greetings he’s getting along the way.

“Guys!” Jensen suddenly yells loud enough that the whole dining area quiets.

We are up and out of the booth instantly and racing towards Jensen. Only one thing would make him shout like that. Several people start to get up to follow us since it’s obvious something is going on and they’re nosy fuckers.

“Stay the fuck down” I command them and everyone sits back down, no one daring to move a muscle.

We race down the corridor and the guys freeze in front of me, I push through them dreading what I might find.

“What the fuck happened?” I demand.

“She’s not here, I already checked the bathrooms” he tells Luc as he moves towards them, “she’s fucking gone, but I don’t think she went willingly, I found this” Jensen says, clearly holding on to his calm by the thinnest thread, as he holds up Ever's shoe. His fingers twitching.

“TRICK!!” We hear Ever scream.

“The alleyway” Cash says urgently already heading in that direction.

I push out the door and we stop just outside of it near a dark patch on the floor as Riot crouches down next to it, a deep frown on his face as he touches it lightly with his fingertips.

“It’s blood and it’s fresh” he confirms our worst fear.

“That fucking stalker Jeremy must have her, fuck!” Luc, paces as he runs his hands through his hair.

Rage heats my veins; how dare he try to take Ever from us.

She is ours.

A car door slamming shut has my head snapping up and landing on an older model brown sedan parked in the shadows near the entrance to the alley and concealed well enough that I didn’t even spot it. I start moving towards it before I’ve even consciously given my feet permission to do so. I hear the guys feet pounding behind me but we are no match for a car, especially one Copyright 2016 - 2024