Rock Radio - By Lisa Wainland

Chapter 1

Jonny Rock just got laid.

Tall and tan with bright spiky bleached blonde hair, Jonny was a rock star - in his own mind.

Jonathan Roeker was a poor student from Philadelphia. Bad grades and an even worse complexion were not a recipe for success. But Jonathan had drive, raw ambition and an intense love of music.

Besides, radio deejays didn’t need a pretty face, just a good set of pipes and a lot of attitude.

Jonathan was blessed with both.

An overnight shift, a skillful dermatologist and Jonathan was on his way. Jonny Rock was born and Jonathan Roeker was left far behind in a middle class suburb. Now Jonny was the man, the Assistant Program Director of WORR – Only Rock and Roll, Miami’s alternative rock station. It wasn’t an easy road, but he had made it.

And he was loving every minute of it.

Jonny stretched his arms over his head and flipped on the radio. It was two in the afternoon and he was on the air. The miracle of voice tracking, he thought to himself. He could record his breaks the night before into an automated computer giving himself free time in the afternoon for some extracurricular activities. All while his wife listened to him “live” on the air.

He couldn’t ask for a better set up.

He turned over onto his side and looked over at the nubile girl next to him. She was a college intern and a natural redhead, a fact he was very happy to find out.

Her name was Heather, his latest conquest. She was long, lean and minus the extra ten pounds his wife had gained in the six years of their marriage. Heather desperately wanted to be on the air and so she was doing what so many young girls do, sucking up to the big guy. He laughed at his own joke, stirring Heather from her afternoon slumber.

“Hey, babe,” she murmured in sultry tones rolling her naked body on top of his.

“Hey,” he said.

“So do we really have to go back to the station?” She ran her tongue slowly down his chest, glancing up momentarily to eye the dingy motel room with distaste. She wasn’t proud of this moment, but she was determined.

“Shh,” he said over his own voice that broadcast from the radio. “I’m on the air...I wanna hear this break.”

Heather stopped licking and feigned interest.

Jonny listened intently to his deep voice resonating from the small speaker. He loved to hear himself talk.

“...and so,” he heard himself say, “you can see me and the whole WORR gang this Saturday at the Just Talk cell phone store in Miami. Stay tuned, I got music from Stone Temple Pilots and The Offspring coming up next.” Jonny admired himself. He sounded so natural, like he was really live in the studio.

“You sound always,” Heather complimented in her most sincere voice. It wasn’t a lie, Jonny was good. His voice was strong, but not intimidating. He sounded like the coolest guy on the block who just happened to be your best friend. A true master of delivery. That’s why Jonny was the most popular jock on WORR with the best shift, afternoon drive - the time when every commuter trapped in his car was listening to the radio. Most car radios were tuned to WORR and Jonny Rock. And now Heather had just bedded him, the man with the voice, the man with the power.

“You’ll get there too,” Jonny said, basking in his own glow. “When do you graduate? Next year?”

Heather looked at him, annoyed. “This semester, remember?”

“I thought you were only nineteen, baby girl.”

She bristled. “I am. I told you. I’m in a two year community college radio program. I graduate at the end of this semester.”

“Oh, yeah,” he replied, brushing her soft red hair back from her head. She looked up at him. He could see the disappointment in her bright blue eyes. Memory was not one of his better traits. “Sorry.”

Heather smiled sweetly at him. “That’s okay,” she lied.

Jonny cupped her head in his hands. She was so incredibly beautiful. He would never have been able to get a girl like this when he was in college. He drew her toward him, placing his lips intently on hers.

Heather wasn’t ready to go again. Sex was a necessary evil to a greater goal, Jonny promising her an on-air shift.

“So, Jonny,” she pulled gently away and let her hand wander south. “Did you listen to my demo tape yet?”

He groaned with pleasure. Heather smiled to herself, now she Copyright 2016 - 2024