Norma Jean - By Amanda Heath


This book wouldn’t have been possible without the help and love of several people.

Jessica Johnson of bookend 2 bookend is the sweet to my sour. I don’t even know her in real life but her encouragement, support, and love for my books is truly amazing. Every conversation I have with her, I end up laughing my butt off. Which is something hard to find in my real life. She is a great friend and I hope we stay in contact for the long haul.

Dawn Martens. Enough said. She is the drunk to my disorderly. This woman completes me. I want to move to Canada and marry her. She took time out of her busy life to look over this book and help me edit. She didn’t ask for anything in return. It’s hard to find friends in this business that are truly who they appear to be. Dawn is certainly the realest and I can’t thank her enough for that.

Fiona Wilson gets a huge thank you as well! She beta read for me and helped point out several things that needed fixing. I can’t thank you enough!

My husband and daughter, who are there for me 100%. In a sea of people who want to see me fall, it’s nice to have them there supporting me.

Shanora Williams, who is this amazing author I’m honored to know. She has done some truly inspirational things that I know will take her great places. You keep writing amazing books girl and I’ll keep reading them!

CM Stunich, who writes amazing stories about things that happen in real life. She doesn’t sugar coat it and they aren’t full of bubbles and sunshine. CM you’re one of my biggest inspirations and one of my favorite authors! Write on girl!

Kris, Jeannette, Brie, Fiona, and Nicole. My I Heart Books girls. We have weird conversations but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I hope to be a part of this amazing page for as long as it runs! You girls make it the best page ever! I love you girls! Booty Pop!

My mother, who might drive me nuts sometimes but I love unconditionally. I wouldn’t be anywhere without her. She complains about the other mothers in my books, so I made sure to have her spirit and personality throughout this book. I love you mom!

Bree and Jodie from Fab, Fun & Tantalizing Reads are so sweet and awesome. I’m truly honored to know these ladies. You couldn’t find anyone more sweet and down to earth then these two.

And last but certainly not least, every single one of you. I can’t thank y’all enough for buying this book and reading. Whether you enjoy it or not. You took a chance on me and I’m so honored that you did.

Chapter 1


“Norma Jean!” my mom screeches from the hallway outside my room. I have to admit I was asleep in the middle of the afternoon. I’m laying on my stomach with my hand next to my mouth which is now covered in drool. Yeah that’s not nasty at all.

“I know!” I screech back. I have to be at my babysitting job in like 30 minutes. Which leaves hardly any time to take a shower. Luckily I washed my hair last night when I got home.

My bedroom is fairly small considering we live in a single wide trailer. It has this ugly blue print wallpaper that I have covered up with pictures of reptiles and bands. There’s one window on the right wall which also happens to be the end of the trailer. My bed sits right underneath it and I sneak a peek outside to get a feel for the weather. The sun is starting to go down but the glass is still cold to the touch which means spring hasn’t made its appearance yet.

There is a small TV sitting at the end of my bed which is on and muted. Rydstorm my albino ball python likes to stay up all night watching TV. His vivarium sits across from the bed and his white and yellow body is currently shoved into his hidey hole. It’s only a small piece that looks like a rock on the outside.

I climb out of bed and take the few steps till I’m right in front of it. He sticks his head out a little and flicks his forked tongue out at me. “Yeah, I love you too buddy.” I kiss the glass before heading to the dresser next to my door, pulling out a Sliverstein shirt Copyright 2016 - 2024