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that roamed the world.

This night no other agents accompanied him. Tonight only he would face the rogue, and he preferred it that way. Ky wanted to be the one to take this monster out. He had been tracking him for months, since he noticed a pattern of missing person cases in his city. All of the people vanished within a ten-mile radius of this bar, so he spent most of his nights casing the place. Watching. Waiting for a lucky break, and it looked like he got one tonight.

He ghosted behind the couple. Following them on silent feet, staying deep within the shadows of the buildings. Ky noted the way the woman walked as they made their way along the sidewalk. Her legs appeared unsteady, most of her weight supported by the male’s arm around her waist, which seemed strange because she had not consumed all that much alcohol at the bar. Only two glasses of wine, by his count. The agent heard her speaking throughout the night and she had enunciated clearly. Yet now she seemed unsteady, and her words slurred as they left her lips.

She stumbled. Catching on a bit of raised sidewalk, her shoe flew off behind her in Ky’s direction. She turned and looked over her shoulder. When her eyes met his, Ky’s heart hitched in his chest, time froze.

The bronzed skin of her heart-shaped face appeared flawless. Long dark haired flowed around her shoulders with the turn of her head. Her chocolate eyes captured his, holding his gaze. The fall of her lashes broke the spell, creating dark crescents on her delicate cheekbones. Her petite nose led to full, pouty lips that sent a surge of desire through his body. His sure strides faltered under the weight of her beauty. She was a goddess.

And she was in grave danger.

His eyes darted to the disgusting male holding her, when the male looked back at him. His dirty blond hair fell over his forehead to shadow his eyes. Light brows narrowed over the male’s gray eyes. An assessing stare took in Ky’s powerful build before locking with his steady glare.

His warrior’s stride, confident and sure, quickened to close the space between them. The debauchee threw the woman over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry and took off toward a nearby parking garage with Ky hard on his heels. Ky knew a moment of relief when he saw the vampire turn into a garage. At least their confrontation would be somewhat hidden, more so than if they fought out on the street.

Ky followed the couple, allowing the male to take his prize deeper into the garage and up several flights of the tall building.

“Put her down.” Ky’s harsh tone brooked no argument as he ran toward the pair.

He sensed the vampire drawing his power, readying for the altercation about to come. Ky trailed the couple, watching as the girl bounced precariously with each running step. She moaned a soft, mournful sound that pulled at his heart. She struggled to find purchase on the vampire’s back, to push herself up, but her arms could not seem to find enough strength. As he closed in he realized why. She had been drugged, the pharmaceutical smell radiated from her skin. And his nose told him something else.

She’s a demon.

The realization shocked him. Most vampires avoided interacting with other breeds and yet this vampire not only had drinks with a demon, but apparently drugged her. It made no sense for the male to do either.

Ky’s hand clamped down hard on the vampire’s available shoulder bringing him to a halt. As he turned and faced Ky, the debauchee released the power he’d built. It flowed out from his body like the blast of a nuclear bomb, to send a wave of energy out over all surrounding objects.

Ky squared his body, shouldering the blast of power as the wave pushed at him and rocked the cars around them. He staggered under the onslaught, pushed several steps backward, but did not go down. As the power dissipated, he switched his stance to the balls of his feet and fisted his hands at his sides.

The show of power had been impressive. Power like that only came with age, but it did not matter to Ky. Several centuries old as well, Ky’s own power had grown over the long years, and he was well practiced at the art of the fight.

“I won’t tell you again,” he warned. “Put. Her. Down.”

The vampire’s eyes widened, clearly surprised that Ky

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