Memorizing Mace (Twist Brothers #2) - Bex Dane

Chapter 1 Loralei Valentine


My hands twitch as the glow of lights on the helicopter launch pad come into view.

This will be a story retold around the Twist family campfire for generations. History in the making. Tonight Arthur Morganna's reign of terror ends.

Cutter, my best friend and brother, has captured his abusive biological father alone on an island off the coast and has called us in for back up. This is what I live for. There's no better way to spend a Saturday night than delivering justice to a predator like Morganna. He hurt my family, now we hurt him.

I hop out of my truck and hold my arms out wide as I walk toward the four people waiting for me. "I'm here now. The ass kicking may commence."

My younger brother Remy rolls his eyes and frowns. "This is no joke, Mace."

"I'm serious. Crank her up." I lift my chin toward his luxury private helicopter. He spent ten million dollars on that hunk-a-junk, and hasn't taken me for a ride yet. "Show me your new bird."

He shakes his head as we share our fist-bump-bro-hug greeting. He turns and climbs in, prepping her for take off. From what I can see, the inside looks sweet. Leather seats, conference table. We're flying in style tonight.

My adopted father walks up to greet me with the family handshake and an extra hard smack on the shoulder. "Glad you could make it, Mace."

"Dropped everything and broke the sound barrier to get here in time." We keep our grip locked as we make eye contact. I'm hard to nail down, but for family, I always come through.

My mom and my sister Sutton are the last two people to say hello to me. They're dressed to kill. Skinny black jeans, dark leather jackets, hair pulled back, red lipstick on serious faces. "You guys look badass tonight."

I have to bend down to enfold my mom in a hug. Sutton's not much of a hugger, so we just do the fist bump. "I'm so nervous." She wrings her hands together.

"Don't worry. We got this." She stays out of the fray most of the time, but this one is personal. Morganna abused her too when she was young, so she wants to be there tonight.

"You ready, Ma?"

My mom pulls her shoulders back and forces a tentative smile. "Let's do it."

We all climb on Remy's posh chopper, the rotors boot up, and the Twist family is off the ground. History, here we come.


I can't sit still during the flight over the Pacific Ocean to Little Santa Rosa Island. It's only forty minutes, but feels like hours. Miles of dark waves with no sign of human activity have me doubting we'll ever find it. If we're late, I might miss out on all the action. Cutter has first dibs on Morganna, but if there's anything left of him, I'm taking my turn.

"There it is." Remy points to a cluster of lights ahead.

We're all staring out the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of what's happening down there. Palm trees blow in the ocean wind and a geometric white building draws all of our attention. Finally, as we touch down next to another helicopter, I see Cutter standing outside with Cass, blood smeared on his clothes, eyes wide, shoulders stiff like he's in shock. Cass is holding her arm, her hair is whipping in the wind, but they look okay. Another woman with them appears equally shocked, but uninjured.

Damn. Looks like we missed it. I'm happy they're okay, but would've liked to see it all go down.

I don't wait for the propellers to slow before jumping out the door. My parents and sister follow behind me.

The noise mutes their words, but my dad helps Cutter move Cass and the other girl out of the wind and into seats in the helicopter. My mom opens her first aid kit and starts checking Cass right away.

Cutter hugs Sutton for a long time. Sister and brother finally facing down their abuser. "Morganna's dead," Cutter says with the finality of a man who's been through hell and come out victorious on the other side.

Well, that answers that question. He's dead. Cutter took care of him. Good. The man terrorized Cutter and Sutton for years. He's the one responsible for the scars on his back and his heart. I'm glad he's gone. Still wanted to see it, but the deed is done. "Good job, brother."

He shakes his head like he feels bad, but he shouldn't. That asshole deserved to die. Copyright 2016 - 2024