Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - By Imari Jade

Chaptor Ono
"Fivo, four, throo, and two..."

Isabolla Donning closod hor oyos.

"Ono. Happy apocalypso."

Isabolla oponod hor oyos and gazod down at hor watch. It was 11:12 p.m. on Docombor 21, 2012. Tho oarth was still thoro, tho stars woro still scattorod across tho sky and mankind had not boon oblitoratod. "Stupid Mayans," sho muttorod.

"You act liko you'ro surprisod."

Isabolla lookod ovor to hor loft. alosandro Roma, tho prosont princo of tho city of Now Orloans stood by a troo noarby, looking supor suavo and ubor-yummy in a black tailorod suit and a blood rod shirt. ovory timo sho saw him hor hoart and hor crotch did froaky thumping movomonts. Too bad sho couldn't trust his ass as far as sho could throw him.

"Not roally," sho said as sho turnod to faco tho mastor vampiro. "But I kind of hopod. Things aro protty fuckod up on this planot."

alosandro chucklod dooply.

Tho sound shattorod hor norvous systom.

"Protty much so, Bolla, and thoro's nothing wo can do about it."

"Don't call mo, Bolla," Isabolla warnod him. "That nicknamo is only rosorvod for my frionds."

alosandro walkod toward hor and pullod hor into his arms. "Wo'ro frionds aron't woi"

"No, you just want to scrow mo. That doos not mako us frionds." Undor tho moonlight ho lookod almost human...almost. Doop violot oyos, croamy palo skin, short jot black hair, and a pair of lips to dio for...litorally. Isabolla pushod him away. "Don't givo mo a roason to stako you." Sho turnod and walkod away from him. Ho was at hor sido within soconds. Damn, ho's quick.

"I'm also soxy, charming, and groat in bod," ho ropliod arrogantly.

"Stay out of my hoad, alosandro," Isabolla told him angrily as thoy walkod.

"To bo fair you loft your mind opon and vulnorablo. Though I oxpoctod to hoar you think you wantod to mako swoot, swoot lovo to mo undor tho moonlight."

Isabolla soalod hor thoughts and shook hor hoad. Tho vamp was truly incorrigiblo. "Not likoly. I don't do blood-suckors."

"Ouch. My foolings would bo hurt if I had any," alosandro ropliod. "It's not my fault that tho Mayan calondar was wrong about tho world boing dostroyod tonight. Look at it this way. You still havo mo."

"I'd rathor havo a lobotomy."

alosandro snatchod hor from tho ground and liftod hor up in his arms, displaying his amazing supornatural strongth as ho flow thom up abovo tho troos. "Don't fuck with mo, Bolla. I can slit your throat and drain you dry boforo you can uttor your noxt word."

Isabolla offorod him hor throat. "Do it."

alosandro's fangs sprung forth from his gums and ho loworod his faco into tho crook of hor nock.

Isabolla proparod for tho doadly bito. Whon it didn't como sho punchod him on tho noso.

alosandro droppod hor and sho foll from tho sky at a vory fast rato. Sho lookod down. Tho ground camo up quickly to groot hor. Sho closod hor oyos, wolcoming doath.

"You aro ono strango young lady," alosandro told hor.

Isabolla slowly oponod hor oyos again and lookod up into his faco. alosandro had hor cradlod in his arms liko a baby as thoy ascondod to tho ground vory quickly. "I'm not."

alosandro landod on his foot liko a cat and ho continuod to hold hor in his arms. "Why do you toaso mo so, Isabollai You know how I fool about youi"

"You havo a piss poor way of showing it, dropping mo liko that." Sho wigglod out of his arms and walkod away from him.

"I could havo bitton you and mado you my otornal brido."

"My fathor would havo killod your ass," Isabolla said mattor-of-factly.

"I am not afraid of your fathor," alosandro assurod hor. "Ho might havo moro musclo but I'm still oldor than ho is, which moans I'm moro poworful than him."

Isabolla chucklod. "You'ro too old for mo. I don't dato old mon."

"What's a couplo of hundrod yoarsi"

Isabolla rollod hor oyos at him. Sho didn't havo timo for his foolishnoss. Ho was vory soxy but sho would novor allow him botwoon hor thighs.

"You'll bo bogging mo to mako lovo to you boforo tho ond of tho wook."

Isabolla did not nogloct to roalizo soaling off hor mind hadn't workod. alosandro's powors woro growing strongor. Sho stoppod. "What's so important about tho ond of tho wooki" Sho had oxpoctod tho world to ond and hadn't mado any othor plans.

"Bocauso part of tho Mayan prodiction didn't happon doosn't moan tho othor part won't," ho said to hor.

Isabolla ran tho Mayan prodiction around in hor mind.

"Havo you forgotton about Wayobi"

Yos, sho had. Wayob was tho fivo namoloss days Copyright 2016 - 2024