Finally Found - By Nicole Andrews Moore

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It was just after 9am on a Saturday morning when Adam Davenport woke up in the guest room of his brother’s house. He had been there for a month now and he was in no rush to return to his posh, modern apartment overlooking Central Park. Why would he be? He had plenty of privacy here, since Sam and Haley spent so much time at work, at events, and away. Truth be told, he had too much privacy.

He folded his arms behind his head as he pondered when everything had begun to change. First, he and Sam made up. That was great. He had his family back. Sam confided in him, he felt included again, and they were partners…if not in the family business, at least in protecting Haley. Soon, he was invited to little Abby’s christening, they went out to dinner, and he was the injured hero who spent a month of his life in a coma after he pushed Haley out of the way of that car.

Even that wasn’t bad…really. He spent the month sleeping, but still somewhat aware. He knew that Sam barely left his side. He knew Haley brought food and cared for Sam. And then when he was awake and able to, he was taken home…to Sam’s home. Maybe he should have fought it. Maybe he should have insisted he go to his apartment and have a nurse. Instead, he stayed. And now Adam wasn’t sure he’d want to leave. Ever.

Having a home, being surrounded by family…he didn’t realize how much he had missed it. At first it was idyllic. Haley cooked these amazing meals, baked cookies, and made the old mausoleum a home. Sam came alive. He confided in Adam. Then…everything changed. Sam fell in love so hard. When Sam and Haley had trouble he retreated into the study and into himself. When things were good, Sam and Haley vacationed and ran off together. And he was beginning to feel lost and alone once again. The only difference now was that something had been awakened in him; a need he hadn’t known existed. Now he could never go back to his old ways.

Sighing, Adam realized there was no winning solution. He would have to be happy with what he could get, the time he didn’t have to be alone, the hours occupied by his new position at the Davenport Agency and his steady progress. He flushed a little then. Truth be told, Adam was very nearly completely recovered. And the only one who knew that was his physical therapist. Yup. The therapist said he was 95%. And really, he only said that so that Adam wouldn’t over do and then undo all the progress he had made.

Throwing back the covers, he stepped out of the bed, stretched, and walked around the room some. He pulled on his midnight blue robe and cinched it around his waist. Though he hated slippers and truly preferred bare feet, he respected Sam’s ways and shoved his feet into a pair of slippers that, in his opinion, added at least thirty years to his age. He cringed. Speaking of his age…this morning at 5:27am, he had officially aged one more year. Then he confidently walked back to his bedside, picked up the cane he let sit against the headboard when he wasn’t using it to keep up the façade and slowly limped down the stairs.

Neville was in the kitchen, sitting on one of the bar stools in front of the island sipping coffee and reading the paper. He nodded at Adam as he entered the room and assessed his mood. While Adam was normally so pleasant, given that he was also incredibly sensitive about his appearance and everything related to it, he could only imagine that Adam might be taking his big day a little hard. This was one of the big birthdays, after all. The handsome young man was no longer in his twenties. And goodness knows that the thirties came with a whole new set of expectations that the man hadn’t seemed ready to embrace before the accident.

The young man sat heavily on the stool and appeared winded. Still, he gave Neville an encouraging smile. The servant stood and Copyright 2016 - 2023