In Deep Kimchi - By Imari Jade

Chapter One
"You want me to do what?"

"Go to Tokyo," Harper Kehoe, Shaundra Morrison's publisher, replied.

"You mean get on an airplane and fly halfway around the world?" The adrenaline rushed through her as she panicked. "Are you crazy? You know I don't fly."

Harper ignored her breakdown. "Shaundra, dear, it's for the opening of my new publishing company." He straightened out the cuffs of his expensive designer suit before staring at her with mesmerizing hazel eyes and bestowing a glorious smile her way. Any other time that might have worked on her...not today.

"So what does that have to do with me?"

Harper looked down on her. At five-eleven he posed a threat just being alive. Add swarthy, handsome, and a tight muscular body and you had the total package.

Shaundra gulped, trying not to look into his eyes. She had this thing for odd-colored eyes.

"You are one of our best authors. Who else would we chose to represent us?"

His cologne nearly stole her breath away. It had an earthy aroma. His natural male scent wasn't bad either. "I can think of several other authors who are better than me. Lopez, Brown or Hymel."

Harper straightened his stance but continued to watch her. "They have already agreed to be a part of the promotion."

Rat finks. And she thought they were her friends.

Harper lifted her chin with his manicured finger so he could stare into her eyes.

Shaundra gulped again. She bet anything he knew what that did to her.

"Just say yes."

Shaundra moved her chin out of his hand and scooted away from him.

"I can't. I have a family and responsibilities. I just can't go flying off to Tokyo on a whim."

Harper walked over to his dark brown, maple executive desk and sat down in a matching brown chair. "Your kids are grown with kids of their own."

"Exactly. I can't go off to Japan and leave my grandbabies to the mercy of their parents. They need me."

"I need you."


"For God's sake, let them grow up. You're a beautiful, desirable woman. It's time for you to live a little."

Shaundra's head lifted. Huh? Did he say beautiful? Harper was hot and an unscrupulous bastard using sweet words to woo her into doing what he wanted. His turning forty just improved him like cheese and wine.

There wasn't anything about him she didn't find sexy. She gazed over at him, taking in his thick, dark brown hair, that handsome chiseled face and that muscular body. Class reeked from his pores. Damn, it was so tempting just to say yes and get it over with.

True, time had been kind to her too...on the outside. Inside, especially emotionally, she had some serious issues. "Flying terrifies the hell out of me."

"There's nothing to it and you won't be alone. I'll sit right beside you holding your hand."

Shaundra raised an eyebrow. "Hmm." She liked the visual. She shook her head to clear that fantasy. "I'm sorry, but you're not close enough to God to save me if the plane crashes."

Harper laughed. "Your words wound me. That man up above and I have an understanding. He pilots the plane when I fly and I don't sacrifice virgins."

Shaundra managed a weak smile. "That's good to know, but I'm still not going. There's nothing that can be offered in this world to get me on a plane."

Harper rose, unloosened his tie and removed it. He unbuttoned a couple of buttons and revealed a very masculine chest. "Oh no?"

Shaundra frowned. "That is so unfair." Leave it to him to play the sexy male card. The offer was so tempting. "It's going to take more than that."

Ooh, I can't believe I just turned down this sexy white man.

Harper didn't seem offended. He sat down again. "I know this doctor who can help you."

"You mean drugs."

"Prescription, not street. I'll find out if he can see you. He can probably sedate you."

Shaundra frowned. "For how long?"

"For the duration of the trip."

"How long is that?" Shaundra asked. She also had a poor sense of direction.

"Twenty-five or twenty-six hours."

"I'll be a damn junkie by then. I can't stay sedated for an entire day.

There must be another way."

Harper chuckled deep. The sound went straight down to her crotch. "I can think of one other thing we can do to suppress that anxiety of yours."

"What?" Shaundra asked curiously.

"We can become members of the mile high club."

She wondered if she was blushing. Twenty-six hours of non-stop sex with Harper aboard a jet heading for Japan. Tempting. "What the doctor's name?"

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