Come Together (Club Silken #3) - Jerrie Alexander


Kym Roberts, thank you for being my friend. I am truly blessed. Although, most of our conversations and brainstorming sessions are best not repeated, I appreciate how together we come up with some interesting plot lines. You keep my mind fresh and full of ideas. I only wish my brain worked as fast as yours.

My Beta readers, thank you doesn’t sound strong enough. You totally rock. I’m so lucky to have your support, and honesty. You are truly dear friends. You stuck with me through the years of darkness, believed in me, and I appreciate each of you.

Eve Arroyo, editor extraordinaire, I love your honesty and brilliant mind. You always ask the right questions, putting me back on point when the story stumbles.

Jaycee DeLorenzo, thank you for your talent, amazing patience, and for designing my beautiful book covers.

Thank you for proofreading done by Julie and her team. I couldn’t publish without it.

Julie, the Formatting Fairy from heaven, you are so very gracious and helpful. You handled all my changes with grace and patience.

About Come Together

Chelsea Coffman is one of those women who takes your breath away. The one heated look we shared exposed her trapped inner vixen just waiting for me to set her free. I was in no position to approach her then, but my life has changed dramatically after a year in Europe’s club scene.

I’ll introduce her to the lifestyle, the pleasure, the ecstasy she craves.

From the moment I looked into his heated gaze, Taylor Horne has starred in my late night fantasies, because in real life, my limo driver disappeared. Now he’s back in town living in a much higher tax bracket and the hunger in his eyes won’t be denied.

Can I yield control? My independent spirit says no, but my shameless body screams, “Yes, Sir.”

Each book in the Club Silken Series is standalone with a guaranteed happy ending. A different individual from a group of men who are friends interconnects the stories.

This series is intended for mature audiences only due to sexual situations and explicit language.



I’d met Taylor Horne a couple of times while he was in college and working as a limo driver for the Club Silken, Gloss, and Gallants owners. The first time was when he’d driven one of my best friends Morgan Kimball shopping. Not wanting to go alone, she’d invited our best friend Kayla Britton and me to go with her. Morgan had just started dating Zack Pierce, the co-owner of Silken, a members-only BDSM club. She was looking for an outfit that would knock him on his ass.

Taylor had chauffeured us to a boutique that sold adult toys and clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was tall, drop-dead handsome, and filled out his black suit perfectly. No doubt, I acted like a schoolgirl right before her first kiss.

A lot has happened since then. Morgan married Zack, Kayla is engaged to Nick Bianco, and I’m concentrating on earning a promotion at work.

The admin for the president of the company is retiring, and I’m hoping to fill that position. My last raise placed me at seventy-five thousand a year, but if I’m selected for this new role, my salary will jump another ten, maybe fifteen thousand. My heart rate jumps just thinking about it.

I haven’t heard a lot about Taylor until recently. He was touring Europe after taking a year off as a reward for getting his master’s degree in Finance and Accounting. Now he’s home and Zack’s throwing him a party.

I’ve taken special care with my makeup and hair for tonight, selected a dress that shows off my figure, and I’m wearing sandals to highlight my new nail polish. My palms get damp as I thank the Uber driver. I don’t know why I’m nervous. There’s no reason for Taylor Horne to remember me.



I smooth my hands down the front of my yellow sundress and walk into the entryway of Zack and Morgan’s home. This isn’t the first time I’ve been here, but with all the oversized windows and white marble, the foyer is still a little intimidating.

Morgan and I used to live in the same apartment building. We laughed, cried, worried, and took care of each other for years. We stay in touch by phone and are still close. She’s scouted men for me for over a year, searching for the right Dom to bring me into the lifestyle she shares with Zack. I’ve never expressed any interest in BDSM, though, and I breathe easier knowing she’s agreed to Copyright 2016 - 2024