Billionaire's Captive Complete Trilogy - Stasia Black


THE BEAST LOOMS OVER ME, half in shadow. In the dark, the scarred skin around his mask disappears. When he turns his head I get a sense of deja vu, like I know him from somewhere—

“Go to the bed and lie down, face up,” he demands.

I swallow. My hands come up automatically to cover my breasts. “Ah ah,” he catches my wrists and moves them apart, baring my chest to his gaze. My heart is pounding, overwhelmed. I’m so vulnerable right now.

Still holding my wrists, he backs me to the bed. When he lets go, I scramble up and lay back. Maybe if I obey him, I won’t have to worry. I won’t have to think. Let go and be mine, he said earlier. But can I really do that? This man is my enemy.

And yet, when I see him rise after bending to grab something at the base of the bed, I scuttle to the headboard and plant myself there, my knees drawn up to my chest.

“You want to tie me up?” I squeak. “Again?”

He tosses the chain onto the bed. The silver length has a leather cuff on the end. I clutch my wrist.

His gaze never leaving mine, he heads to the foot of the bed, leans down, and reveals a second restraint. There’s one at each corner of the bed. Holy—

He ends up beside me again, unbuckling the leather cuff for my left wrist.

“Submit, Daphne.”

Run. Any sane woman would run. I’m out of my mind, giving into this…craving this. It’s wrong. All of this, so so wrong. I could tell myself I have no choice, but it’s not true.

I could’ve protested when he announced it was time for my punishment, and he would’ve backed down, tucked me into bed and coddled me like an invalid. It was my curiosity as much as his depravity spurring us forward. I don’t want to stop. I’m in too deep.

So I scoot down and lie back. After a pause, I slowly spread my arms and legs. The ultimate submission. That fact that the position makes my pussy throb has nothing to do with it. How long will I keep lying to myself about why I’m really staying?

“Good girl,” he murmurs, taking my left arm and securing the cuff around my wrist. “Flex your fingers for me?” I do and he strokes the tips. His dark eyes bore into mine and my core clenches. He only has to touch my fingertips to turn me on.

“Too tight?” he asks. My breath hitches and I shake my head. His cheek curls—another smile!—and he heads down to cuff my feet.

“You’re being so good, Daphne. You know what that means?”

“What?” My voice is husky. The sound of it surprises me—I’ve turned into a sexpot. I’ve never felt like this before, but this moment is one of many firsts. He’s still dressed like always, but this time, I’m unafraid as he strips me bare. Lying down and letting him restrain me with an excited willingness.

I’ve never been more turned on. My nipples are crinkled peaks, begging for attention.

“It means you get a reward.” He turns and walks away, leaving me helpless and bound. My arms are stretched over my head, my legs able to bend a little but not move much more than that. What is he going to do to me?

When he returns, I’m almost panting, my heart fluttering in the cage of my chest like a captured bird. But my nipples are harder than ever. And my pussy aches...

“Shhhh.” He lays a large hand on my chest, splayed over my breastbone. “Calm, Daphne. I won’t hurt you.” A quirk of his lips, a crooked smile. “At least, not more than you like. Because you like some pain, don’t you, kitten?”

He leans in and breathes in my ear, drenching my sex with his every word. “There’s so much for us to explore. So many combinations of pain and pleasure. So many ways to make you feel alive...” He lowers himself down and I let my head fall back. I can’t fight anymore. When his tongue finally touches me, I give in completely.



I scrub my eyes as I jog up the stairs after another exhaustive session down in the lab. Still no breakthroughs.

I circle around to my desk. Maybe if I just resequence the—

But then I freeze.

A single red rose is waiting for me on my computer keyboard. I approach my desk carefully, looking around.

But there’s no one in this part of the building. No secretary or gatekeeper Copyright 2016 - 2022