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recognized in him. It was just a flash and then it was gone. What could this perfect specimen possibly have experienced to be broken inside? This guy was insanely hot, movie-star hot. My wolf liked him immediately, but I was pretty sure she would like any decent looking male of her same species. We couldn’t afford to be picky in a place like this.

He nodded slowly. “Why are you here?”

Shame burned my cheeks. I didn’t answer, and dawning understanding lit up his face as his gaze fell to the cuffs on my wrists.

“Banished?” he asked, confused. I nodded and his lips turned into a frown. “Do they hurt much?” He pointed one meaty paw at my wrists and I chuckled.

“Only like I’m being burned alive.”

A possessive growl ripped from his throat and I stumbled backward a few paces, not expecting it. He opened his mouth to speak, then the doors opened and the school administrator, Mr. Darkworth, stepped out. He was short for a fey, just a touch over six feet tall, and the wolf next to me had a few inches on him.

“Sawyer, I’m so sorry to keep you waiting.”


Why was that name familiar?

When Mr. Darkworth saw me there, he looked startled. “Demi, I trust you are behaving?” He glared down his nose at me.

I tucked a chunk of long blond hair behind my ear and nodded. “Just, getting … a bit of fresh air, sir.”

I moved to go back inside, taking this as my cue to bolt, when Sawyer’s hand snaked out and grabbed me gently by the upper arm. My heart jumped into my throat at his touch, his eyes blazing yellow as I looked up at him.

“Do you like it here?” His voice was gruff, his wolf close.

I snort-laughed. “Are you serious?”

How could I be happy here? As a wolf I needed to live among my kind or I’d go crazy. Thank God for Mom and Dad or I would have to be put down. No one liked living here, on the outskirts of Magic City, crammed in with the humans. It was fucking awful.

He released my arm, blinked twice, eyes flashing from yellow back to blue as if shaking off his wolf.

Mr. Darkworth frowned. “Shall we, son?” He motioned Sawyer into the double doors that led to his office, and I took the other set back to class.

When I sat down, I noticed Raven had gathered up the contents of my bookbag and placed it on my seat. I gave her a smile of thanks and then spent the rest of the class staring at a spot on the wall and wondering what the fuck just happened and who that guy Sawyer was.

The next few hours, Sawyer filled my every thought. He saw me lose my shit and howl. How embarrassing … and he was here “visiting.” That was vague as fuck. I told Raven about it at lunch and she was all ears.

“How old was he?” She leaned forward, twirling a blue chunk of hair between her fingers.

I shrugged. “Older than me but not by much. Maybe twenty-one?”

“Want me to do a spell and find out why he was here?” Her eyes glittered and I grinned.

“Nah, I like the mystery,” I said. “I’ll brew on it for years, wondering where the man of my dreams went before I settle down and marry a human.”

Raven snickered. “You sure?” She motioned over to Isaacs’s table. “He’d take you back in a heartbeat.”

I clamped a hand over her mouth. “We do not speak of the time I hooked up with a fey, okay?” Peeling my fingers from her mouth one by one, she laughed.

“You said you liked it,” she reminded me.

I pulled a chicken tender from my plate and pointed it at her throat. “Speak another word of this and die.”

Isaac was hot, but he had a weird foot fetish thing, and I wasn’t feeling the pointy ears. It was a phase and Raven knew that.

“Maybe he’s on socials. Sawyer, any last name?” Raven pulled out her phone, ready to detective the fuck out of this guy.

“Nope. Just Sawyer.” I peered over her shoulder as she typed Sawyer into Instagram and started to scroll through profiles. We were about halfway down the page when the cafeteria doors burst open. Four hulking males fanned out and scanned the crowd, and one female with bright red hair brought up the rear.

I didn’t need to smell them to know they were werewolves. I could see it in their stances, the

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