The Weekend Proposition - Ella Jade

Chapter 1

Spencer Cannon flipped through the spreadsheets on his desk while his brother’s voice blared out of the speaker phone. As he typed in the targeted numbers for the upcoming campaign he tried to drown out the one-sided conversation.

“Spencer,” Tyler said. “Are you listening?”

“I’m trying to work,” Spencer responded. “Unlike some people.”

“It’s after seven. You don’t need to be at the office.”

“If I don’t get this finished, who will?” He glanced out the huge window overlooking the Manhattan skyline. “All anyone in this family wants to do is talk about the wedding of the century.”

On Saturday, their cousin, Tara, would marry the governor’s son. Everyone was expected to report to Connecticut on Wednesday evening to start the festivities.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s four days of drinking, golfing, partying, and screwing. Of course it’s going to be the event of the century.”

Spencer wished he shared his brother’s enthusiasm.

“I can’t wait to get there,” Tyler said.

“I didn’t even think you were bringing a date. Who exactly will you be screwing?” He rolled his eyes as he entered the new set of numbers into the computer. If he was expected to be in Connecticut in two days, he needed to get these numbers right. The Bradford account had been nothing but a headache for him since they signed with the agency.

“Tara has a lot of hot bridesmaids, including the groom’s sister. Have you seen her? She’s incredible and single.”

“Good luck with that.” Tyler had the finesse of a freight train. No way would he land the governor’s daughter.

“You do know Ava is a bridesmaid and she sweats you every chance she gets, so you’ll be pretty busy yourself this weekend.”

“I don’t think so. Ava and I have been over for months.”

Ava Carrington had been a mistake from the very first date. Unfortunately, her grandfather owned half of the ad agency where Spencer was CEO. Cannon and Carrington Advertising had been in business for forty years. When Spencer’s grandfather retired, he left the company in Spencer’s hands, but the old man and his partner still had a strong say in everything that went on. Pierce Carrington was as vocal as Jack Cannon, and both had hoped that Ava and Spencer would marry, ensuring a long, lasting union between the families.

“I don’t think she knows that,” Tyler said. “She’s been all over social media tweeting and updating her Facebook status about her long weekend plans with her favorite ex. She thinks the wedding will inspire you.”

“Shit! I don’t need this.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “How many ways do I have to tell her it’s over?”

“Maybe if you didn’t sleep with her every time she came knocking on the penthouse door she’d get the message.”

Spencer could admit he’d made several mistakes when it came to Ava. They were on-again, off-again for over four years. Once she started talking diamonds, weddings, and babies he sobered up real fast. She was not the woman he wanted to spend forever with. It was better to end things than to forge forward and wind up in divorce court a few years later. That would have been messy for both the Cannons and the Carringtons. The agency didn’t need that kind of drama either.

“I haven’t been with her in five months. When I ended it last time I told her I meant it. She cried about how I wasted years of her life and she was almost thirty and not married. I haven’t heard from her since.”

“You have four nights to avoid her. How are you going to keep her from crawling into your bed this weekend?” Tyler snickered. “You don’t have that much resolve. You’ve been working nonstop for months. When was the last time you had any action anyway?”

“None of your business.” Five months ago. “Between Ava, Grandfather, and Pierce Carrington I won’t get a moment’s peace this weekend. You know how Grandfather gets when we attend weddings.”

“Spencer, my boy.” Tyler did his best impression of their grandfather. “You’re nearing thirty, you know. Don’t you think it’s time to settle down? With a Carrington?”

“Do you think I can get out of this?” The throbbing pain in Spencer’s right temple indicated a tension headache approaching.

“You can’t miss Tara’s wedding. She would be devastated.”

“You’re right.” Spencer sighed. “I’ll have to suck it up. I’ll have to be firm.”

“Yeah, because that always works with Ava.”

“What can I do?”

“Bring a date,” his brother said. “Then all of them will have to leave you alone.”

“You’re not helping.”

“It’s a good idea.”

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