Victoria's Demon Lover - By Alia Bess Page 0,1

air and had lost consciousness after an orgasm that had lasted minutes. Intense, but not for every-day sex. Special occasions only.

She beckoned to him. “Then come,” she smiled slyly at him.

He climbed into her bed and tossed the blankets away. She lay back on her pillows and opened her legs. Sometimes his visits were for his pleasure. Sometimes for hers. Sometimes for both. Tonight he had said it would be hers. She took a deep breath and sighed out her readiness. She closed her eyes, waiting for that first sensation that would color the experience and categorize it for her memories. What would this one be? Slow and sensual? Hard and fast? Warm and soft or icy and sharp with bitter spears of pleasure mixed in with stabs of pain? She waited.

She felt his hot breath between her thighs and smiled. Oh yes. This will be wonderful. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling. Between her legs she felt the demon position himself on her bed. He nibbled her inner thigh with soft lips and hard teeth, the short stubble of his beard was a very masculine presence on her skin. She moved her hips on the sheets, eager to feel his mouth on her clit. He put it there, warm and wet, nibbling around the edges of her slit, then touching the tip of his tongue to the triangle peak. She tensed and raised her hips to his mouth, encouraging him to continue.

He responded by clutching at her hips and probing deeper, licking and flicking his tongue repeatedly until her legs jerked with spasms of pleasure. He held her knees down with his elbows and squeezed her waist with strong hands. She lifted her hips again and moaned softly. She felt his tongue grow long and slick. She felt the end fork into two thin tendrils that touched her with the tips so lightly and so fast that she jerked her hips again at his face, and cried out for more. Faster and faster he touched her until she felt waves of liquid wet the sheets beneath her trembling buttocks.

She did not want him to stop, but the light touches were maddening and her body cried out for something more substantial. She had begun to rock her hips in rhythm, trying to get closer to feel his tongue harder against her slick clit. He resisted, allowing only light touches to her straining body until her gasps and groans became loud.

“Ah, Demon,” she gasped, “Let me come, or let me go!”

She heard him take a great breath in response. His breathing had become ragged as he licked and nibbled and she knew that he never could explore her silky folds without becoming as hard as steel. His own need for her was obvious.

“Demon,” she gasped, “Your tongue is sweet, but I need more substantial food.”

His tongue disappeared and his hot breath became a cool puff as he raised himself above her. She looked down, now, taking pleasure in the huge cock that roared erect between his thighs. The tip shone with the glistening bead of readiness that drooled from the slit. He bent his head to look as well, and used one hand to grasp the shaft. His thumb brushed the bead of clear liquid over the bulging head and his eyes rolled back with the pleasure of his own touch.

Victoria reached for him, grabbed at his arm and raised her legs to cross his hips and pull him closer. He arched his back and slid his cock into her. He pushed slowly, allowing her soft folds to stretch with his entry, embracing his hardness with her soft caress. He pushed until he could go no further inside, his hips met hers with a hard stop and she breathed in the nearness of his mouth and lips as he nuzzled her ear and then her cheek. His throat rumbled with his desire and she felt his self-control in the trembling of his muscles.

Inside her, slick and warm, he rocked with his need until she clutched at his hard buttocks, pressing him into her and begging for the motion that would finally release her from the aching pleasure he had started with his tongue.

He arched his shoulders and drew out slowly. She felt the sliding firmness of his cock on her body and moved hers to maximize the contact with her clit as the thick head emerged and touched her there. She moaned as the head entered again, pulling Copyright 2016 - 2022