Victoria's Demon Lover - By Alia Bess

Chapter One

The wind whipped the sycamore outside her window into a frenzy of wicked lashes against her window. The rain came soon after, accompanied by smashes of thunder that rattled the panes. The lights went out.

She knew this storm raged over her little lake house and no one else’s. In the morning the neighbors would remark that they heard a storm in the night, and that it must have been a distant one, for they got no rain. Victoria groped her way to the window. The limp curtains parted for her. The streetlights flickered and one by one winked out. Victoria let the lace drop back into place again, then turned to look over her shoulder at the silvery glow that wisped in a glittering trail around her bedposts.

She made for the soft bedding and the warm blankets. She leapt up and into it, rolled herself in the covers and pulled the long pillows over her head.

And then he was there. The wispy strands of light in her bedroom swirled until they became a solid pillar, then the pillar swirled until it formed a body, then the body became him.

She peeked out from her cocoon of blankets. She felt afraid, but not really. He had come before, she knew what to expect. Each time he had surprised her with a new feeling, a new experience, a different body. The fear intensified all sensation for that brief moment, then dissipated as she learned. She needed that fear to make it good. He knew it.

This time he appeared as a man, however. Unusual. She lowered the blankets, puzzled. She had hoped for something remarkable, dramatic. Perhaps her favorite form that he took on special occasions like her birthday, or Valentine’s day. She liked it when he appeared as a great red demon, towering over her with a well-muscled body and thick curved ram’s horns on either side of his head. She especially liked the prehensile tail of that body. There was double pleasure in that tail. She remembered taking his huge cock in her mouth and feeling that tail snake around to enter her, stroking with the same rhythms she was using on his cock. She squirmed, remembering.

But he was not taking that form tonight.

He appeared as a human being. The body he chose was handsome, with a well-muscled shoulders and hard cut abdomen. She raised an eyebrow as she looked over this new form for tonight’s pleasures. His cock always stood at the ready. He saw her looking at it and enlarged it some more, making it stand even more erect. His hair was short and his beard was stubble over his cheeks and jaw. The face he had chosen was not classically beautiful like a Grecian statue but actually looked like a real man. The nose was strong and aquiline, the mouth wide and generous and his jaw square and strong. She liked this face and wondered who it had once belonged to. He blinked yellow eyes at her, though. He could not disguise his eyes. The demon-yellow would glow no matter what form he chose for their meetings. And this body had a flaw. Around his neck like a noose, was a thick scar, lighter than the tanned skin that surrounded it. She frowned a little, puzzling at that. The demon usually appeared to her in fantastic perfection.

“Demon.” She greeted him.

“Victoria.” Sometimes he disguised his voice, but tonight she recognized the deep baritone as the one he used most often on the few occasions when he spoke to her.

“This form is pleasing to me,” she said unnecessarily, for they both knew that her body had responded with the familiar dampness between her legs. He nodded agreement. Every part of her body was known to him intimately.

“I know what you like, and what you do not,” he rumbled. “Tonight I intend to please you, for I have a favor to ask.”

She pretended to pout. “Yet you know the red one is my favorite.”

He shook his head. “Not tonight. I will please you with this one and you will not be disappointed.”

She unrolled the blankets, all fear now gone, replaced with the anticipation of a few moments of pleasure. A human form was nice, but not titillating like some of the more bizarre bodies he had used. She remembered the Cthulhu-like monster with many waving tentacles whose tips were in an astonishing variety of shapes and sizes. That body had pleasured her to the point where she could no longer gasp for Copyright 2016 - 2021