Vampire Vacation - By C.J. Ellisson Page 0,1

It enables telepathic communication between them through the bond, if desired.

Bob - an employee, he works on the grounds-keeping crew.

Bonded Mate - a deeper connection than a servant, this bond allows the non-vampire to stop aging and share a significant amount of power associated with the bonded vampire. A complex ritual and exchange of large amounts of blood must take place for this bond to occur. The only way to break the bond is through death or a rare deep mind manipulation severing the link.

Bunny - Paul's wife.

Cali - Cy's bonded mate, and a werewolf. She's also Asa's aunt.

Companion - a human who has donated blood to a vampire and been accepted into the vampire's care for future feedings.

Cy - Vivian's contact in New York, whom she turned when she discovered him close to death in an alley outside his bar over forty-five years ago.

Debi - an employee at the inn, who also doubles as a blood donor.

Dr. Margery Cook - the onsite doctor on the property should a problem with a human arise.

Drew - a loner vamp who has come to the inn on his own to relax, and Angie’s second husband and bonded mate.

Dria - the master vampire narrating the entire story, aka Vivian and Alexandria.

Enforcer - a highly skilled vampire assassin, used as an instrument of justice by the tribunal.

Fledgling - term used for a vampire under the age of five years.

Francesca - Liam's bonded mate and human spouse.

Iona - an employee, a maid.

Ivan - Angie’s first husband and bonded mate.

Jerry - an engineer and sharp shooter employed twenty years on the property.

Jet - a master vampire, from Japan, vacationing at the inn with his spouse, Matt, and a human companion.

Joanna - a young vampire vacationing at the inn, and a member of Liam's seethe.

John Pierre - the dead guy in chapter one.

Jonathan - Vivian's werewolf servant and the head groundskeeper on the property.

Liam - a master vampire, from Scotland, visiting the inn with members from his seethe.

Liebling - German endearment, meaning darling.

Manipulator - a rare breed of vampire able to mind control other vampires. Usually hunted down and killed by their own kind to ensure they do not gain power over their fellow vampires.

Master Vampire - a vampire who heads their own seethe, or is independent of a seethe. One not requiring the blood of a master to gain in power, but has accumulated enough strength to hold their own in a battle where an older vampire may try to drain a younger one for their blood.

Mate - see Bonded Mate.

Matt - the bonded mate and human spouse of Jet.

Michelle - aka “Chelly”, an employee at the inn, who also doubles as a blood donor,

Miranda - an employee, originally from the UK, who mainly works the front desk.

Old Blood - a term used to describe the blood a seethe member gets from a master to increase their own power. Contains the added benefit of increasing a vampire’s perceived undead age if the blood is strong enough and consumed regularly.

Olivia - a companion from Liam's seethe, and the only human selected to travel with them on this trip.

Paul - a gourmet chef imported from the lower forty-eight, married to Bunny.

Rafe - Vivian's bonded mate for sixty-five years, and co-owner to the inn.

Rolando - part of the tribunal of ancients, located in Argentina.

Romeo - Jonathan's old Alpha, but not the Were who changed him.

Salvador - a master vampire who has visited Vivian's properties for over fifty years, who currently resides with his large seethe in Washington state.

Seethe - A vampire family, or group of vampires, with a master vampire at its head.

Servant - see Vampire Servant

Sheba - a companion in Salvador's seethe, on a long vacation with a group at the inn.

Theresa - Salvador's bonded mate and human spouse.

Tommy - an employee, originally from Australia, who mainly works the front desk and organizes the blood donor list for the guests.

Tribunal of Ancients - the governing body of ruling ancient vampires, entrusted with maintaining the secrecy of the existence of vampires from the human race.

Turning - term used for when a human has been changed into a vampire.

Vivian - the nickname for Dria, a play on words from The V V Inn.

Were - shorthand for werewolf.

Vampire Servant - a human, or Were, who has donated to and ingested the blood of a vampire. A mind connection can be established (and broken), allowing telepathic communication. The servant feels a desire to protect and serve the vampire above his or her Copyright 2016 - 2022