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he could barely keep from wincing. The woman snatched her hand away, her round eyes fixated on his face.

“What are ye doing?” She backed away slowly as if afraid he’d come after her.

“Stay away from him, the one who woos ye. Heed yer mother’s advice,” he told her, holding her gaze. “That person will only bring ye pain.”

Slowly, she nodded obviously knowing whom he spoke of. “Aye, I will. Thank ye.”

Alasdair met the woman’s gaze. “Bring me something to eat.” He reached into his purse, pulled out a gold coin and held it out for her to grab.

While searching his face as if memorizing it, she took the money and offered him a soft smile. The coin more than paid for the meal and drink. She’d have money left over. Instinctively, Alasdair knew she would keep his secret and not tell anyone what had transpired.

In truth, Alasdair was not hungry. He cared little about anything at the moment other than meeting with the man he was to meet that night. His back ached and he longed for a soft bed and to sleep until the sun hit his face. If anything, he’d only sleep a short while, since only a few night hours remained.

“Tis not exactly the way I expected to find ye. Sitting in the open with a tankard in yer hand. Not to mention speaking with a female.” A dark haired man lowered to sit across from him. His narrowed dark gaze fixated on Alasdair. The man looked around the room. “People will take notice of ye being here. I expected to meet outside.”

“The fight has taken everyone’s attention. Tis too cold outside,” Alasdair replied with a bored tone and looked about the room. “Other than the serving wench, who has to, no one else has paid much heed.”

The man across from Alasdair did not introduce himself, and that suited him fine. It was obvious by the stranger’s physical build he too was a warrior. The thickness of his chest and midsection gave the impression of great strength.

Alasdair leaned forward. “Where should I be at dawn?”

The man let out a long breath. “To the north of the village at the edge of the craggy hills, there are several caves that will give ye a good place to sleep. If ye can make it without being found out. I will come for ye in the morning. Remain hidden until I arrive.”

By the way his gaze raked over him, his companion remained unsure of him. “I hope what they say of ye is true.”

Alasdair studied the man and then looked away. “Ye are loyal and beyond reproach as a leader. Yet one thing strikes fear in ye worse than facing death in battle. For once yer heart was broken, ye fear the next time it will be yer undoing.”

The man grunted, as if not understanding him. “Perhaps ye can leave without notice. Someone I know approaches.”

Just then a man weaved his way past the table with unsteady steps. Alasdair stuck his booted foot out just enough. Within seconds, the man went sprawling across the table to the left of his companion’s shoulder. The people at the table growled in protest as their drinks and food were spilled.

Having to bite back a chuckle, there was a soft curve at the edges of his lips as Alasdair slipped away. When the warrior turned back to where he’d been seated, all the man would see would be perhaps a glimpse of his cape as he disappeared through a side door.

Once outside, Alasdair went to the side of the building and hoisted himself up to the top of a wall. From there, he climbed under the slope of the roof where he could sit on the crossbeams and watch the interactions inside the tavern. The woman who’d served him earlier returned to the table and placed a bowl of food in front of the confused warrior. She seemed to inform him he’d paid for it and the man looked around to search for Alasdair before eating.

From where Alasdair sat, he could take in the cramped chaos and remain cooler thanks to the night breeze that wafted up through the openings.

He was about to lie back to get some sleep when movement in the far corner of the room caught his attention.

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