Secrets Worth Keeping (Finding my Home #2)- Nikita Parmenter Page 0,1

that’s trying to get away from us. Something catches my attention in the back seat and my entire body fills with a rage that consumes all rational thought.

“Oh god no, Ever!” Jensen rages next to me. “Where the fuck are my knives, when did we decide it was fucking ok to not be fucking armed!” he rants as he loses his shit at the sight of Ever.

Ever’s bleeding and scraped face, stares back at us from the back seat and the image is going to haunt me for the rest of my life, her eyes seem glazed and fuck knows where else she’s injured if her face is anything to go by.

“Fuck” I roar.

I turn as the car swerves onto the road and very definitely out of our reach, and instantly punch the alley wall, not the smartest thing to do but that fucker has just taken my heart. Our heart. Fuck, none of us will survive it if anything happens to her.

“Come on Brother, our girl needs us” Riot says firmly gripping my shoulder tightly, urging me to get a hold of myself.

Guilt pierces through me as I spin on my heel and march back into the building, here I am freaking out when Ever needs me to be strong.

“Everybody shut the fuck up” Rafe roars, shocking the shit out of the entire diner and ensuring everyone falls silent immediately.

“Key’s” I growl.

This isn’t the first kidnapping we’ve dealt with, Jensen has a habit of getting himself kidnapped by Waverly and because it kept happening we decided to put some protocols in place. Several of our boys, throw their car keys in our direction and I catch a set and so does Rafe and Cash. I nod in thanks briefly as we rush out the doors and to the cars.

“Trick!” Luc shouts gaining my attention, “are we herding him towards October road?”

“Yeah, he’s probably heading that way anyway it’s the quickest route out of town!” I call back hopping into the car as Riot hops in the passenger seat with me.

Rafe has Jensen and Luc and Cash will be in the same car.

We pull out of the lot and instantly floor it, weaving through the traffic like we’ve done this several times before, which we have. To be honest I think Jensen gets himself kidnapped on purpose just because he’s bored. He’s usually far too pleased with himself when we eventually find him, bloody and bruised, usually surrounded by several knocked out Waverly fuckers.

“Hang on Sweetheart, we’re coming for you” I mutter quietly.

Riot grips my shoulder in a firm grip.

I normally curse living in a small town what with the lack of anonymity but one thing we have going for us now is that unless you want to add an extra two hours on your journey there really is only one way out of town and that’s through the wooded roads out by October farm.

“Man it’s been too long since we saw his car, maybe he’s not trying to head out to town?” Riot growls.

“He has to be. Only an idiot would kidnap someone and then keep them in the same tiny ass town, he has to know the police know about him too.”

“Yeah but what if he doesn’t?”

“Dude, you’re not fucking helping right now!” I snap at him.

“Shit sorry you’re right” he pauses, “there, Trick that’s the fucking car, floor it!”

“We can’t ram it off the road like we normally would, we can’t risk Ever getting hurt.”

“Just nudge him when he looks like he’s going down a side road away from the backroad then, like we usually do but softer” Riot suggests worriedly.

“Good idea, call the guys fill them in and get Rafe to go through the track in the woods we built, hopefully it’s not too overgrown and he can cut them off. That fucker is not leaving town with our Everleigh!”

“You got it boss” Riot agrees unthinkingly, the guys have always deferred to me as a leader in these situations and I fell into it naturally when we were kids.

“What’s happening?” Rafe immediately barks through the Bluetooth in the car.

“Can you see the fuckers car yet?” Cash asks harshly.

“It’s up in front, we’re going to do the usual but we’re going to have to be gentler, we can’t risk hurting Ever” Riot explains the plan and I watch Rafe split off from behind us, the car with Cash and Luc taking its place.

“Stay on the line” I add.

“Fuck” Riot suddenly swears harshly and my gaze swings away Copyright 2016 - 2021