Little Hood and Her Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf Trilogy #2) - Janie Marie


Big Bad Wolf

“Mr. Grimm,” Luc Godson let his name hang in the stale air of the mostly emptied gym. Only the cleaning crew remained. The others knew to flee as Luc strolled through the training room.

Logan sighed, sliding a metal chair across the floor. “I didn’t know you were coming by.”

Luc unbuttoned his white suit jacket, then sat in the chair Logan offered. “And pass up on the chance to remind my brother who she belongs to?” He tugged at his sleeve, hiding the inked designs painting his pale skin. “I was surprised to see it was another you guarded so carefully.”

Logan’s jaw tightened, but he kept his composure. Kylie couldn’t come under Luc’s radar. “I want everything that should be mine,” Logan said, glancing at Luc’s right-hand man, Damon King. His darker complexion and black, slicked-backed hair didn’t lessen the darkness in his eyes. His face was neutral, but Logan knew he was about to get himself in deep shit. “I’ll pay whatever price you ask.”

The elder Godson’s smile sent a cold chill down Logan’s spine. “Does my little brother know what you are asking of me?”

“It’s not his business.” Logan kept his hands relaxed, but he was just as unnerved to be in Luc’s presence as he had been when he was only a broken eighteen-year-old boy. It didn’t matter Luc was only a few years older than him; he had the ability to ruin any person he wished.

“Of course it is.” Something sparked in Luc’s gray eyes, like a flash of silver. Logan held his breath. “His business is why I was called, was it not? Crying wolf . . . invites trouble you are not prepared to face.”

Violent urges to fight surged forward. Luc never said anything directly—in public, at least. Every word was intentionally vague, but Logan knew what he’d done and what threat Luc was issuing him because of it. “I didn’t cry wolf. She needed your help.”

Luc hummed. “Does your little blond friend know why you are so protective of your ex? She is the reason for such betrayal, yes?”

“She’s no one,” Logan said quickly. He was fucking up. He hadn’t expected Luc to catch him with Kylie. “She won’t know.”

“She looked familiar, didn’t she, King?” Luc glanced at Damon.

Damon smiled darkly. “I do believe I’ve seen her some place before. Though I am surprised you recognized her.”

Logan’s blood chilled, and he struggled to focus as his heart pounded faster to push out the ice. “She’s Kevin Blackwood’s stepdaughter. You’ve probably seen her with him.”

“Hm.” Luc chuckled. “I do think it is from somewhere else that I encountered her.”

Damon chuckled as well. “The circumstances are ironic.”

Logan had no idea what they were getting at, but he knew it was to manipulate him. “She’s just a project. Can we get back to what I’m asking for?”

Luc scrutinized him. “A project, you say?”

Nodding, Logan kept his composure. “She’s no one. But it benefits me to keep her close.”

“You are a terrible liar,” Luc said with another chuckle. “Though I am curious about what you hope to achieve.”

He felt like shit for smiling like an asshole, but he needed to say what Luc wanted to hear and still keep Kylie safe. “Maybe I’m looking to make her jealous. Afraid of some competition?”

A hellish smile spread over Luc’s face. “I have already won the game, Mr. Grimm. After all, you know what world we live in.”

Logan’s smile fell, but he became more resolute in his request. “Then you won’t object to giving me what I want.”

“She will protect you.” Luc didn’t hide his anticipation for such a thing.

His stomach turned, but he smiled. “Isn’t that what you’ve wanted all this time?”

“You realize this does not affect the arrangement I have with her?” Luc stood, buttoning his jacket.

Logan’s self-hatred rose to new heights. “I want it anyway.”

“How disappointing.” Luc turned and walked toward the exit. “Consider it done.”

Logan glanced at Damon, swallowing at the dark glare he was given. “Thank you,” Logan said, his hands shaking.

“Farewell, Big Bad Wolf,” Luc threw over his shoulder, nearly knocking Logan to his knees as the door shut.

“What the fuck have I done?”


Knight House

“Dammit, woman,” Ryder said, throwing dirty clothes in a hamper. “You don’t even live here, and this place is a mess.”

Janie carried the bag she had packed and sat it on her bed as they watched Ryder stomp around the room, picking up the various pieces of clothing and empty Dr Pepper bottles cluttering her bedside table. It wasn’t that Copyright 2016 - 2023