Lani (Devils Souls MC) - LeAnn Ashers



I am so excited to see my family. I haven’t seen them in god knows how long. I moved away for college with the intention of owning my own clothing store and designing clothes.

During that time I got picked up by an agent, and before I knew it, I was walking down runways as a plus size model. I have a huge contract with a huge clothing store, but that’s ending in, like, a week.

I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of the crazy fans, the paparazzi and people always being outside of my house. Because I was one of the first ever plus size models and I changed the industry, it exploded.

My life changed in an instant, everything I knew changed in an instant, but I also never stopped going to college. I wanted that degree.

I am twenty-three years old, finished with college and I’m finishing up my last shoot, then I’m going home to visit my family.

But after that I’m not sure what I want to do: do I stay in LA or do I move home? I’ll just let my path unfold as it happens.

I walk inside of the warehouse, taking off my jacket, and then I’m swarmed by everyone to get me dressed for the underwear and lingerie shoot.

“Hello, my darling!” Caesar the photographer comes up to me, kissing both cheeks as I sit in my chair.

“Hello Caesar.” I smile and take my hair down out of the messy bun I had twisted at the top of my head.

He studies me and his face falls. “I am going to miss shooting with you. Are you sure that you are quitting?” He takes my hand, like he’s trying to plead with me to stay.

The soft-hearted part of me wants to promise him that I will stay, but I’m so tired; this is not for me. I feel like I’m meant to have a small place and raise a family someday. I’m that kind of girl.

“You know how much I love you, I love all of you.” I look around at the girls that have been here since the beginning. They all come up and hug me, then Caesar hugs all of us together, and we all laugh as he squeezes us.

“Alright, we have a schedule to keep!” He lets us all go and claps his hands together cheerfully.

The girls get to work, and I text my brother. He’s met someone and he hasn’t stopped talking about her since the second he met her. I can’t wait to catch up with him once I get home.

Jordan is a member of the Devil Souls MC. He’s my older brother and a complete nerd. Recently he came out and set up the state-of-the-art security system in my house, and I was so grateful.

I close my eyes and relax, mentally preparing myself for the shoot. I always channel my inner hoe.

Three hours later I’m changed and walking out to my car, and the makeup artist, Julie, is following me out. “You looked so beautiful, girl,” she praises me, and we both stop dead when I see Freddy standing beside my car.

Fuck me.

Why can’t he leave me alone? He’s a fan of mine and it started when he would put letters in my mailbox and on top of my car, and then I noticed I would see him everywhere. Now he’s getting bolder and bolder and I’m low-key getting scared.

“Lani, how was the shoot?” he asks excitedly, but when I look into his eyes, I see they’re void of emotions. Something is not right with him.

“Freddy, what are you doing here? You know I have a restraining order against you…” I trail off, hoping he’ll get the hint and leave.

He drops his pleasant smile. “A piece of paper couldn’t keep you away from me, my beautiful Lani.” He groans in pleasure, looking me up and down, and I take a step back in disgust.

I look at Julie, who looks just as frightened as me, and take out my phone and text Caesar to call the police.

“Freddy, you should go. I don’t want you to come around me or my property. I’ve asked you so many times to give me my privacy, but I’m telling you now.” I put a little bit of steel in my voice.

His eyes flare and I can tell that I pissed him off. He takes three steps towards me before I can even blink and suddenly he grips my arm hard. “Take it back!” he demands and pulls on my arm, Copyright 2016 - 2023