Bless The Beauty - By Stacey Kennedy

Chapter One

The warm salty rush poured through my mouth as my fangs retracted back into my gums. An explosion of energy coursed through my veins, as it always did after I drank a mortal’s blood.

With my need met, I licked the wound along Chase’s warm neck, lowered my head back onto the pillow, and met the gaze of the luscious man above me.

Chase’s short blond hair and deep blue eyes more than appealed to me. Nothing about him was unattractive—right down to his succulent body defined by sculpted muscles. He was a splendid display of delicious mortal man.

With the release of my fangs from his neck, he braced himself against his hands and thrust harder. His body slammed against mine as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

The blood may excite him, but it fuelled me. The need to feel more of him consumed me. I thrust back while he moved between my legs. My moves matched his speed and added to the pressure building inside of me.

Apparently, his need was just as strong. He leaned back on his knees, placed his hands on my thighs and pulled them back along my body as he filled me completely, reaching down into my very soul.

My back arched as a rush of pleasure rocketed through me. An unrestrained whirl of pleasure stole my breath from the angle he forced upon me. With hard, powerful thrusts, he demanded my climax and I wasn’t unwilling.

I screamed, encouraged him to go harder and demanded him to free me from the intense rush of pleasure as he kept me at the very edge of release. He pounded against me as if he hated me and wanted to cause me pain, but I relished it—wanted more.

Only a few more hard thrusts and the power of my release rushed through me. A scream of indulgence tore from my throat as I crumbled into pieces, reeled in the enlightened sensation that only existed when a body erupts into a state of bliss.

Sometime later—who knew how much time had actually passed, I was too busy recovering to give a damn—my mind began to clear and I laughed quietly. “That never does get old.”

Chase raised his head from where it was buried in my neck. His eyes soft in satisfaction as sweat poured off his skin. “Not with you it doesn’t.”

“Why?” My tone was playful and light, as I intended. “Is it because I’m dangerous and drink your blood?”

He winked, grinned with the same playful edge. “You know I love danger and don’t give a shit that you’re a vampire.”

I did know. We’d been together five years and our relationship was still as strong as the first day we met. After I had the balls to tell him—show him, that is—the creature I was, our love had only deepened. Sure, it was an adjustment for him to realize such things existed. But after some time, he came around to the idea and I think even thrived off the fact that I wasn’t normal.

Reaching up, I took his face in my hands to pull his mouth back to mine. Sadly, I was disappointed when my phone beeped. “And there goes the fun.” I sighed against his mouth, placed my hands on his chest and gave a steady push.

He slid out of my sated body then slumped into a tired heap beside me, only to groan with echoed disapproval when his phone beeped seconds later.

I leaned over toward the night table, grabbed my phone and scrolled down the messages. The bright screen displayed, “Headquarters, 911.”

An urgent call from headquarters meant only one thing—a shitload of trouble. My annoyance at the interruption might have matched Chase’s if I didn’t love the rush of solving a crime. It took an embarrassing amount of years to settle into what I would call my dream career, but this was it. I’d found my place as part of the FBI Criminal Division.

There would come a time to move on, though. In ten years, it’d be obvious I didn’t age and would arouse suspicion. Certainly, a brand of trouble I did not need. I had five more years to enjoy the life I’d built for myself and I wasn’t about to waste a moment of it.

“We have to go.” I jumped out of bed and grabbed my clothes that rested on the floor. Eager and ready to work, yep, that was me!

Chase groaned again, nearly not as eager and reached his arms over his head. “This job is going to Copyright 2016 - 2021