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This was the first book in YEARS that I wrote in less than a month. That used to be my “thing” I could write ‘em fast. Being able to do that again was amazing. I had time to get lost in my characters and for that I must thank my family first.

Britt went above and beyond with taking up the slack so I could lock myself away. He not only did his work but most of mine too. He is a super hero. He will also hate that I said all this. Hopefully he doesn’t read it.

Ava and Emerson had to hear “Mom is working. I can’t right now.” For the most part they didn’t complain. Emerson had her moments. Ava was a trooper though…although she’s been on this ride since 2011 and knows the score.

My older children who live in other states were great about me not being able to answer their calls most of the time and they had to wait until I could get back to them. They still love me and understand this part of mom’s world.

Danielle Lagasse for being there, for being a writing buddy and friend in my new life here in New England. She’s made moving easy. Her family has become part of ours.

My editor Becky Barney at Fairest Reviews Proofreading Services. She once again made my story shine. I’m thankful I found her.

My formatter who also did my book trailer- Melissa Stevens at The Illustrated Author. Her works is always amazing.

The Next Step PR who deals with all the shit I toss their way and manages to make me appear organized. Kiki Chatfield was the first person to read this book and I love her for it! They are a great team to work with and I’m thankful they helped me pull off yet another release.

Damonza for my book cover. It is perfect and I love it.

Abbi’s Army ALWAYS. Y’all are what keeps me sane when I release a new book. Thanks for always supporting me.

My readers- without you there would be no one to read my stories. I get to write because y’all read. I love you all!

May 25, 2010

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“Did you ask him?” Cora whispered beside me.

“No, but why me? Why can’t you?” I asked. Creed was her brother and it was her idea to walk to town for ice cream. I felt weird asking him. He was busy.

Cora rolled her eyes at me. “Because he won’t say no to you,” she replied.

Frowning I glanced back at her brother, Creed Sullivan, and Jack Tate who had moved five houses down the street from the Sullivans this past fall. Jack was Creed’s new best friend. Last summer and all the summers before, Creed had always spent his days with me and Cora. This year things were different. Sure, he did some things with us, but he was with Jack more and more. They were currently playing basketball on the Sullivans’ driveway. I didn’t want to just go up and interrupt them. Things with Creed felt different now and our friendship wasn’t the same.

“When they’re done playing maybe they’ll want to go,” I suggested to Cora.

Cora sighed dramatically. “If you ask, Creed will want to go now. If my mother wasn’t being ridiculous, we would just go by ourselves, but she thinks Creed going keeps us safe. Like, seriously, what is he gonna do to protect us?”

Creed was dribbling the ball when he noticed us watching them. He paused and studied me a moment. I hated feeling like this with Creed. Why had things had to change? It had been so much easier before. This year things were too different. When I looked at Creed, my stomach did funny things and my cheeks felt warm. I liked him and not just as a friend. I really liked Creed Sullivan. In the past, I had always thought he was cute, but this year when he had smiled at me the first day I’d arrived at my Gran’s, I felt a little faint.

“Hey, Creed!” Cora called out to him, realizing he was looking this way.

He shifted his gaze to his sister. “Yeah?”

“Sailor wants to go get an ice cream in town, but mom says you have to go with us.” Cora told him, which was not true. I wanted to crawl in the bushes and hide from embarrassment.

Creed looked back to me and I knew my face was bright red. I could feel it. “You want ice cream?” he asked me.

I was about to

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